About Us

About Us

Wisdom Workshop Press is a Christian ambition of Rev Don C Modarelli, Pastor of Northern Beaches Pentecostal Church in North Sydney, Australia.

We have the desire to make Apostolic resources available 365 days a year, available online and on Australian soil.

Another passion we have is to inspire writers from our midst who wish to develop their ability to share the Gospel in fiction or non-fiction format.

We would like to see more original inspirational and congregational songs arise from Oneness people in the Land Down Under!

Have you written a song or book that you’d like to share? Let us know and we’ll help you find the next step!

Email all submissions to info@wisdom-workshop.com for a humble appraisal and further development ideas.

Wisdom Workshop is a place where people can come to grow in wisdom and express the giftings God has given and developed in them.

We are a United Pentecostal Church – our statement of faith can be found on the Beliefs page of the Northern Beaches Pentecostal Church website.